Silvina Della Motta

Allied ASID

Founder & Interior Designer

Atelier + Concept Design is a New York City/Hamptons based interior design company.

As a boutique design firm we are able to treat each space and client with a very hands on tailored approach, taking into account their needs, while enhancing their surroundings. Our goal is to create a sophisticated, understated design that is balanced and cohesive throughout, using a soft palette as a base, enhanced by the use of textures, fabrics, lighting, accessories and art.

Silvina Della Motta pursued her passion for Interior design and after working in international media sales attended and graduated from the New York School of Interior Design, later founding Atelier + Concept. She has an eclectic background, with an Argentine, French and American citizenship, she immerses herself in art, fashion, and different cultures, searching for artisans and the latest trends locally and abroad.

Silvina’s designs reflect her deep appreciation for aesthetic, and keen eye, where lighting takes a lead role, she is able to create interiors that are playful, sculptural, unexpected, yet elegant and carefully curated.